Industrial crank tables and chairs | Unique Industrial Rustic Design


Industrial rustic furniture might just fit one’s design style. For instance, industrial crank tables and chairs among others complete the factory-type setting. When shopping around for rustic industrial decor and furniture, it is good to have the building blocks to keep in mind. One should think glass, metal and wood. The design in general operates with a collage of materials that somehow come together in a harmonious manner.
Thrift stores are great places to search for rustic industrial furniture pieces such as crank tables and chairs. The industrial look requires keeping an eye on anything that is vintage. Another great idea is the color scheme that includes smokestacks, browns, grays, black, dusty blues and earth hues. Metals and wood naturally work well in this kind of decor style. A dining table with old leg piping with a wooden top is a perfect choice. To complete the set, it is good to add metal dining chairs the same color as the legs of the table. A similar look works for a shelving unit or a crank table. In a rustic setting, it is not necessary that everything should match; it only has to complement other items.


A rustic industrial crank table could have million of uses in the home or office. Reclaimed wood integrated with metal would give a vintage industrial look to the area. Since the wood is taken from old structures and buildings, it is bound to have scars and rough edges that compliment the antique appearance of the whole table. Many people really like spending a lot of time in their kitchens, whether they are cooking or simply hanging around. This is another reason to make the space appear cozy and welcoming. So, when it comes to coziness, an industrial rustic design is the best choice.
A combination of wood and metal elements provides a strong rustic factory feel to the kitchen or any other room for that matter. It will look a warm and cozy place where one could be comfortable. Designing in a rustic industrial style requires the use of several elements such as plenty of wood mixed with metal and simplicity.
Plenty of fun leather furnishing and metal piping could truly kick off the factory or laboratory feel in the house up a notch. There are side tables with antique-looking lamps, metal hardware and old push carts that could be transformed into the perfect bar cart. There are plenty of options and design styles to choose from. Bedrooms could be turned into the style using metal or wood bed frame. Nevertheless, if the budget is limited, there are cool pieces like rugs or lamps. Garage sales and thrift shops are places to find items that could be refinished for the style for less. Bathrooms usually are pretty difficult to update without changing cabinets, tiles and tub and shower configurations. However, one could add a lot of industrial details to the space to provide it a new style sense. There are affordable factory lighting options and new sink fixtures. Wire mesh baskets and a pipe bar towel holder could truly give a boost to the design.

Be Environmentally-friendly – choose a Recycled Wood Furniture to furnish the home


Some people are obsessed over furniture, while others hardly notice it’s there at all. Whichever way it is, making environmentally savvy selections in home or office furnishing could make a huge difference in the impact on the planet. Using reclaimed wood furniture such as reclaimed wood chairs, reclaimed wood tables and wood buffets is the perfect answer to the need to go green.
It doesn’t matter whether a furniture piece is made from wood, metal, cloth, plastic or others, there are always eco-friendly options. The fact that the world needs more trees makes using reclaimed wood furniture as the best option. Manufacturers have a wide selection of recycled wood tables, chairs and recycled wood buffets that fit any home setting. Trees not only absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, but they also keep the planet cool, hold soil together so it could remain rich and they offer a habitat that animals, birds, insects and other plants could call home.
These days, many designers think that using old lumber is the best solution to preserve Mother Nature. Reclaimed lumber usually comes from old houses, furniture or other structures that could be reincarnated. Some recycled lumber even comes from logs that have sunk to river bottoms as they were floated downstream to the sawmills, or even from the bottom of man-made reservoirs. The wonderful thing about the trend of reclaimed wood buffets, tables and chairs is that one could take something that is sort of rough-hewn and it becomes fashionable suddenly. These days, people are willing to pay a lot for wooden furnishing that looks like it was derived from someone else’s attic.

Any home could look and feel cool with furniture pieces that are crafted from old timber. Instead of being discarded. Old timber from decommissioned structures is harvested, reused and provided a second life to decorate different kinds of homes. This practice without any doubt has environmental advantages that extend beyond the preservation of virgin forests. Moreover, most builders utilize non-toxic glues and paints as well as natural finishes. The basic aim is to create a beautiful, high quality product while impacting the earth as little as possible. Reused wood yields stylish but rustic material exuding coolness and a feeling of being close to nature. The natural imperfections like nail holes or blade marks add to the charm of the product.
Unfortunately, many types of trees today could no longer be found to make furniture. One example is the American chestnut tree which has been wiped out by blight. Only buildings made from it survive. Furnishing that is made from recycled timber of this nature is valued highly since it preserves in the genetic coding a kind of tree that no longer exists. Recycling American chestnut provides ecologists a rare chance to study an extinct species. This is also true of some other lumber. In salvaging old timber, history gets re-recorded and reused. In addition, future generations would be able to examine reused lumber for the history and charm that it provides.

Recycled Wood Furniture has become even more popular all over the world recently


Recycled wood furniture has become even more popular in recent years all around the world. However, since it is made from lumber that is salvaged from old wooden buildings that are scheduled for demolition, a lot of people are wondering whether they should go for furnishing that is made from old lumber than those made of newly cut timber. Some of the popular choices include recycled wood chairs, rustic furniture and wood tables.
The unique aesthetic appeal of recycled wood furniture is one of the major reasons why more people are opting for reclaimed timber furnishing. Recycled wood tables, chairs and rustic furnishing have a distinct aged look that is impossible to make with lumber that is newly cut. The manufacturers usually leave minor features and imperfections, revealing the age, giving the kind of furnishing an additional appeal.

The fact that all pieces of recycled wood furniture have a history that could be tracked down is another reason for the growing popularity of old lumber. As already earlier mentioned, recycled lumber comes from old structures that some may be older than 100 years. This gives appeal and quality of vintage and antique furnishing with the difference that it was used for other intents in the first place. While some people have second thoughts on purchasing wood furniture due to the age, reused lumber is not any less sturdy and durable than timber that is newly cut. On the other hand, reused timber furniture could be passed easily to the next generations, while the fact that it has been exposed to temperature changes and humidity levels which make it more stable and sturdier compared to new lumber.

Using recycled wood furniture is becoming increasingly popular due most of all to its environmental benefits. Forests are fast disappearing, causing devastating effects on the environment both in the local atmosphere and all over the world. Forests provide a source of food and shelter to several wildlife species, help in reducing soil erosion, cools the air, boost the amount of rainfall and lastly, could absorb carbon dioxide and release pure oxygen. For environmentally conscious people who want to reverse climate change, deforestation and unsustainable forest management should not continue.

Since wooden furnishing does not truly have an alternative in the true sense of the word, reclaimed furniture is truly the greenest possible choice. When using old material to create furniture pieces, there is no single tree that is being cut down. Reclaiming timber from structures that are scheduled to be demolished helps minimize the pressure on landfills.

Recycled fixture typically is slightly more costly than furnishing that is made from new wood. Nevertheless, it enables homeowners to enjoy the quality, beauty and history of wooden furnishing and at the same time preserve nature and of course, preserving nature is priceless. Make an environmental statement and show off a sense of style, and then using reused timber furniture is the best option. Sofa tables, coffee tables and end tables all provide a casual vibe while it remains nature-friendly.

Make your Bedroom Heaven with Rustic classic touch Furnishings for your Home


A Rusty designs could be applied further in metal materials as well. Different items are categorized in this theme, from beds made from unadorned tree branches to white-washed frame and headboards. The common denominator is all are made of wood. A rusty bedroom must appear simple yet cozy by softening hard furnishings with crisp linen, wool, fur and smooth cotton throws. Explore rustic bedroom furnishing by clicking here.


Use reclaimed wood tables for a rusticdecor for a home or office


Adding a rustic ambiance to any home should be easy with the use of reclaimed wood tables. They have a natural beauty for a rustic theme which is a wonderful option for affordable typical classy touch tables for the dining or kitchen area. This product is an affordable option yet very durable compared to newly cut lumber. Using old timber could contribute to deforestation because there would be no need to cut down trees to create various materials.

reclaimed wood tables
Decorating a home is easy with reclaimed wood industrial furniture for unique home decor. Naturally, old timber has a rustic theme which could make a home feel old and has a certain charm and history. A homeowner’s creativity could be boosted by mixing contemporary items with old ones. Wooden tables which are made from recycled timber could provide a classy dining experience. There are many options available, which include round, rectangular and square, depending on one’s preference.

Buying reclaimed wood industrial furniture allows a homeowner to bring a piece of that normally is not affordable. It is also considered an investment that would eventually become priceless. Old lumber pieces are not only beautiful but have become a popular trend recently with various decor styles. The furnishings could be customized. Using recycled lumber has incredible benefits. It lowers the demand to cut new trees and leave more growing in the ground, which is definitely a huge environmental bonus. Furnishing that is made from reused timber is sturdier and could last for years and years than new ones.

Complete the Beauty of a Dining room with a Reclaimed Wood Dining Table


Since the dining area is the hub of home entertaining, choosing the right table is a worthwhile investment. A good choice includes reclaimed wood tables that also provide a rustic appeal to any dining room setting. A lightly stained reclaimed wood industrial furniture exudes a casual, informal feel and could be passed down from one generation to another. Moreover, using old lumber is a great way to help preserve the environment.

Reclaimed wood tables
A reused lumber table could create a cozy and warm atmosphere with a natural touch. Give rustic charm with reclaimed wood tables to the dining area of the home.Nothing could be better than owning a handmade recycled furniture that offers a cool and rustic setting. Reused lumber is a great way not just to recycle used materials, but to bring personality to the room as well. The worn holes, distressing of time, nail marks and cracks all are part of the history of the timber. Every slab varies and could differ greatly in texture and color. This is the beauty of reclaimed wood industrial furniture.

One of the great things about this material is that it is very cost effective since it could be a DIY project. When creating reclaimed timber tables, it should be dry. It could be dried on a kiln or stored inside all through winter. The minimum time for drying should be two weeks. When the lumber is ready, one could proceed to rough cut boards to the length desired, adding two inches. The final cut would be made after the planks are joined