Beauty Of Hand Painted Talavera Pottery & Decor!

Talavera Pottery

Talavera is one of the most admired pottery products in the world. There are many people all over the world who admire the quality and endurable nature of this pottery products. Moreover, hand painted tiles look really marvelous in any flooring so that anyone can create pleasing atmosphere for their home. These are example of best talavera products you have ever seen.

Talavera Galapagos Turtle:- Hey, welcome to Mexico! Talavera Galapagos Turtle is the perfect accent to any home or office! Each piece will vary in color and design!
Dimensions: 13″ l x 6″ h

Talavera Cabinet Knobs:- These Talavera Cabinet Knobs are a Mexican favorite and a best seller. Each Talavera Cabinet Knobs is hand painted and no two Talavera Cabinet Knobs are exactly alike.
Approximate dimensions: 1.25 x 1.75

Extra Large Talavera Pig:- Take a look at the detail on this big talavera pig! Each piece of traditional talavera pottery is hand painted with vibrant colors and no two pieces are exactly alike.
Dimensions : 31.5″ l x 16.75″ h x 10.25″ w

Talavera Saguaro Cactus:- Sugaro cactus is lovely talavera product which gives Mexican look to any home. Watch out for sharp needles!
Approximate dimensions: 8″ l x 16″ h

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