Complete the Beauty of a Dining room with a Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Since the dining area is the hub of home entertaining, choosing the right table is a worthwhile investment. A good choice includes reclaimed wood tables that also provide a rustic appeal to any dining room setting. A lightly stained reclaimed wood industrial furniture exudes a casual, informal feel and could be passed down from one generation to another. Moreover, using old lumber is a great way to help preserve the environment.

Reclaimed wood tables
A reused lumber table could create a cozy and warm atmosphere with a natural touch. Give rustic charm with reclaimed wood tables to the dining area of the home.Nothing could be better than owning a handmade recycled furniture that offers a cool and rustic setting. Reused lumber is a great way not just to recycle used materials, but to bring personality to the room as well. The worn holes, distressing of time, nail marks and cracks all are part of the history of the timber. Every slab varies and could differ greatly in texture and color. This is the beauty of reclaimed wood industrial furniture.

One of the great things about this material is that it is very cost effective since it could be a DIY project. When creating reclaimed timber tables, it should be dry. It could be dried on a kiln or stored inside all through winter. The minimum time for drying should be two weeks. When the lumber is ready, one could proceed to rough cut boards to the length desired, adding two inches. The final cut would be made after the planks are joined


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