Be Environmentally-friendly – choose a Recycled Wood Furniture to furnish the home

Some people are obsessed over furniture, while others hardly notice it’s there at all. Whichever way it is, making environmentally savvy selections in home or office furnishing could make a huge difference in the impact on the planet. Using reclaimed wood furniture such as reclaimed wood chairs, reclaimed wood tables and wood buffets is the perfect answer to the need to go green.
It doesn’t matter whether a furniture piece is made from wood, metal, cloth, plastic or others, there are always eco-friendly options. The fact that the world needs more trees makes using reclaimed wood furniture as the best option. Manufacturers have a wide selection of recycled wood tables, chairs and recycled wood buffets that fit any home setting. Trees not only absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, but they also keep the planet cool, hold soil together so it could remain rich and they offer a habitat that animals, birds, insects and other plants could call home.
These days, many designers think that using old lumber is the best solution to preserve Mother Nature. Reclaimed lumber usually comes from old houses, furniture or other structures that could be reincarnated. Some recycled lumber even comes from logs that have sunk to river bottoms as they were floated downstream to the sawmills, or even from the bottom of man-made reservoirs. The wonderful thing about the trend of reclaimed wood buffets, tables and chairs is that one could take something that is sort of rough-hewn and it becomes fashionable suddenly. These days, people are willing to pay a lot for wooden furnishing that looks like it was derived from someone else’s attic.

Any home could look and feel cool with furniture pieces that are crafted from old timber. Instead of being discarded. Old timber from decommissioned structures is harvested, reused and provided a second life to decorate different kinds of homes. This practice without any doubt has environmental advantages that extend beyond the preservation of virgin forests. Moreover, most builders utilize non-toxic glues and paints as well as natural finishes. The basic aim is to create a beautiful, high quality product while impacting the earth as little as possible. Reused wood yields stylish but rustic material exuding coolness and a feeling of being close to nature. The natural imperfections like nail holes or blade marks add to the charm of the product.
Unfortunately, many types of trees today could no longer be found to make furniture. One example is the American chestnut tree which has been wiped out by blight. Only buildings made from it survive. Furnishing that is made from recycled timber of this nature is valued highly since it preserves in the genetic coding a kind of tree that no longer exists. Recycling American chestnut provides ecologists a rare chance to study an extinct species. This is also true of some other lumber. In salvaging old timber, history gets re-recorded and reused. In addition, future generations would be able to examine reused lumber for the history and charm that it provides.


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