Choose an Equipale Furniture to Create the Perfect Garden Area Sitting

An Equipale furniture is considered by many homeowners as the perfect choice for a garden area sitting. This interesting and unique furnishing is still crafted by hand, much the same as during the Pre-Hispanic times, with roots in the Aztec culture that dates back to the 1500s.In Zacoalco de Torres in Mexico, over 300 families manufacture this furnishing for shipment all over Mexico and the US.

Equipale Furniture

Equipales could be found in various rustic and artistic products and techniques, such as branches, tree bark, weavings, decorative paintings and palms. Most cultural museums of Mexico have coordinated exhibition of Equipales to protect antique collections. Moreover, all restaurants and hotels in the country had Equipale furniture that really comfortable to sit on. In the United States, Equipales typically are found in Mexican restaurants and favorite in homes in the Southwest. The recipe of the chair construction combines the compressive power of wood, tensile power of fibers and the soft relax of leather, using the best qualities of each of the material.

Painted Equipale furniture pieces are great for yard entertaining. It could be made of leather from cow or sloven, willow, cedar wood or ixtele. Regardless of the combination, they are woven together using natural fibers. All over Mexico, it is considered as an important part of country French dining table culture. Moreover, Equipale garden furniture is made with a great combination between functionality and elegance. The pig-skin straps and materials used are lightweight, very durable and remarkably comfortable. Having this furnishing in the garden means seating in ancient Mexican age.

The great thing about using this furniture in the space or the outdoor area is that it is incredibly resilient and could last for many years of constant use and could withstand the weather conditions outdoors. Installing Equipale chairs in the outdoor space enables one to create an aristocratic feeling in the space. The design of a Mexican leather bench is not the usual traditional one. The materials used are top grade and soft leather. It is highly preferable for the outdoor area in a home.

Equipale benches look wonderful in the outside garden of a home. Furthermore, there are also several other Equipale furnishings available to boost the look of a garden. Nothing fits perfectly than a going-back to nature setting outside the garden with Mexican Equipale furnishings. They are perfect for the outdoors and considered as one of the hottest trends in home and garden decorating. There is a wide range of outdoor furnishings to choose from, including tables, benches and many more.

These furniture pieces are natural fits on the garden atmosphere, more relaxing than furnishings made of plastic, composite or other materials. Families with passion for furniture want to give their outdoor area, particularly the garden a complete set. Equipales include pigskin chairs, bar chairs, tables, end tables, coffee tables, peacock chairs, rectangular tables and a whole lot more. Make the best of the exterior area by having Equipales to boost the look and ambiance and feel closer to nature.


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