Natural Furniture – the Perfect Option to Go Green and Protect Environment

Natural furniture, simply put is wooden furniture. Furthermore, it is evergreen since it is strong enough for furniture apps, it is sustainable as a construction material and outplays and outlasts like no other material. Wood is valued in making furniture because of its natural warmth, innate classic beauty and phenomenal durability.

Wide range of Natural furniture by Tres Amigos

Inherent furniture introduces nature to any home setting and adds a pretty counterpoint to the digital gadgets that dominate homes nowadays. Moreover, there is something very fundamental regarding the feeling of enduring strength that the material offers, accentuated by the unique and organic grains. Making environmentally-friendly choices in home furniture or office could make a huge difference in the impact on the environment and people’s health.

Furnishing that is made of wood is considered natural, particularly those that are made from reclaimed materials. Reclaimed lumber typically comes from old houses, furniture or other things that are ready for reincarnation. Furniture made from recycled wood is a good example of resource efficiency. The power, beauty and subtle nature of wood furniture will be the pride of every home interior. The process of crafting the furnishing exposes the genuine natural beauty of the timber, the grain, color and uniqueness. The exceptionally stable characteristic and structure of the inherent decorative attributes of wood are the defining elements of the furnishings.

Good, environment-friendly furniture lends itself to easy repair, recycling and disassembling. The pieces could be taken apart easily, sorted into other parts and recycled at the end of the useful lives. Using natural furnishing to decorate a home is a wonderful way of adding a period feel to any space as well as adds a touch of rustic beauty to modern, bland design. Recycling is the trend nowadays and it is easy to understand why. Checking out salvage yards and finding battered antiques to be restored is pretty satisfying. There is something special about sprucing up an old piece lovingly.

To make natural furnishings last long, check out the following tips:

  1. Clean it using warm water and mild dish soap. However, extra care should be taken to not soak the wood. For hard to get areas, consider using an old toothbrush. Wipe dirt off the surface with paper towels or soft cloth.
  2. Protect the wood finish using good quality soft paste wax. Apply a thin coat and after five minutes, buff lightly with a soft cloth or brush. Wait another thirty to sixty minutes and brush again with more vigor. This will result into a beautiful shine that will last for months.
  3. Keep it out of the sun. This is because too much sun exposure will cook the fine finishes, will cause fading and destroys them over time. Moreover, the wood could dry out and shrink and could cause cracks.
  4. Natural furnishing should not be placed near heating units. Dry heat would cause the timber to shrink and dry, leaving cracks. In the drier months, a humidifier could be used to bring the moisture up to the forty to forty five percent level.
  5. Remove hazy ring or spot from hot coffee mugs with a mild abrasive, like non-gel toothpaste mixed with baking soda. Rub it on a small spot with a finger or soft cloth for bigger spots.

Check Out the wide range of natural wood furniture:


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