Equipale Furniture Brings a Remarkable Rustic Mexican Flair to Different Homes

The Equipale furniture style brings a remarkable rustic Mexican flair to any home setting, whether in or outside Mexico. Handmade rustic leather furniture pieces crafted from tanned pigskin and cedar strips are comfortable and durable. Equipale furniture, whether for a patio, home bar or family room would create a rustic or southwest ambiance with authentic and classic Mexican charm. Assorted furniture includes lodge chairs, barrel chairs, tables; drawers in traditional tobacco color and bar stools. They have an inherent hand painted finish with vivid and colorful accents.

Equipale Furniture by Tres Amigos

There is a great assortment of traditional Equipale furniture such as lodge chairs, barrel chairs, bar tables and stools in traditional tobacco color. The Equipale pieces have a natural finish that is painted by hand with pretty southwest desert scenes as well as colorful accents. Because each and every piece is handmade from all natural materials and elements, there are slight variations in size and color which add to the charm of these furnishings.

Equipale is an interesting and unique furniture line that is still manufactured by hand, much the same as during the pre-Hispanic eras, with roots in Aztec culture[^] that date back to the 1500s. In Mexico, in the town of Zacoalco de Torres, more than 300 families manufacture Equipale furniture pieces for shipment all over Mexico as well as the United States. They make the pieces in workshops or make shift ‘tallers’. The style could be found in different rustic and artistic products and techniques, such as branches, tree bark, weavings, decorative paintings and palms. The term is derived from the Nahuatl language, which means seat. During the ancient times, the seats were reserved for priests and governors alone.

The unique, beautiful and comfortable furnishing is part of the Mexican identity. Nowadays, there are numerous designs from arm chairs to complete dining room sets. Some have upholstered cushions in vibrant hues. The furniture style is considered as part of the Mexican cultural patrimony. These are objects that provide a distinct identity to Mexico. Majority of the cultural museums in Mexico have coordinated exhibits of Equipale. The furnishings are available in different levels of quality. They look good indoors as well as outdoors when treated properly.

The furniture style has an inviting and warm south-of-the-border appeal and could easily create a Mexican cantina or southwest atmosphere in any home bar, family room or patio. The furnishings are amazingly resilient and could last for many years of constant use. Made of rose wood, pig skin and sweet wood, the pieces are true Mexican furnishings and considered a must in any Spanish Colonial, southwestern, Mexican rustic and adobe or ranch style decor. Mexican furniture pieces have their own character and beauty. It is the same as the hacienda origins. They are chunky, rustic, strong and do not compete with the delicate western furnishings. The furnishings evoke beaches, the tropic and relaxation. The country of Mexico has a long tradition of weaving various natural fibers. The techniques are used for building exquisite yet strong furniture.


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