Coffee Tables and End Tables – the Most Useful Items in Living Room

Coffee tables and end tables are some of the most useful items in a living room. These are sturdy home furnishings that provide a beautiful space for the family and guests to sit. Moreover, end tables are somewhat supporting players to a leading-lady sofa or couch. These pieces seldom get the glory, but they are vital in their own way. Besides serving as a perch for cocktails and landing pad for lamps, coffee tables and end tables could also help provide a space a polished, well-rounded appearance. They symbolize a homeowner who pays close attention to details.

Coffee Tables and End Tables by Tres Amigos

There is a wide array of sizes, styles and finishes and since typically it requires two instead of one, a homeowner would want to make sure to choose only the best pieces. There are several considerations, including base styles, surfaces, heights and materials in an effort to strike a perfect balance of finishing touch and function. Despite being used mostly for holding decorative accessories, lamps and the occasional beverage, the tables often end up playing various roles. In the middle of a hectic week, these pieces could easily turn to a dining spot, a desk or extra stacking space. Even though they are often last-minute room additions, they bring style and function to a family room or living room.

When integrating the furnishings to the living space, it is important to evaluate the area. Although a single coffee table and a couple of end tables may be standard, this may not be an option for anyone. Rather than cramming various pieces into a room that is already tight, try having only one coffee table or add space-effective nesting tables, a corner counter or folding tray as alternative.

The material of the furnishings says a lot about one’s style. Darker wood often are considered more traditional. On the other hand, an industrial wood and iron is typically more modern. For a more contemporary look, consider plastic. Some materials could go with anything, depending on the glass accent and frames, these tables could be anything from traditional to modern. Distressed wood could be shabby chic or eclectic. Although the look is important, it is also good to take note of what is practical for the household. Glass table tops could be dangerous for kids and they attract fingerprints as well. Dark hues, particularly black, could easily show accumulating dust. The key to find the right end tables for a living space is to find a good balance between function and style that works for one’s needs.

When choosing a living room table, consider what furniture pieces you want to take center stage, and which would play supporting role. Those that have eye-popping colors, intricate lines or look more like art rather than a table will surely grab everyone’s attention. State-of-the-art pieces could have remote control capacities, have lights and could even double as an aquarium. That is right; the end/coffee table could be the head turner for the interior space. Indeed, they could be the main attraction in the home, and also the blending element which makes the space coordinate.


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