Important Considerations when Designing Rustic Bar Stools for Home or Establishment

Making rustic chairs stools is a simple project that enables one to achieve the look and functionality desired. Industrial rustic design is making waves these days as more and more people are choosing this style over other designs. The best material that could help achieve a rustic appearance is wood. It is a good idea to build items from the full section of the log. Another great choice is to go for reclaimed lumber or barn board.

When designing bar rustic chairs & stools the first thing to do is to measure the bar. The seats should be situated between nine to thirteen inches from the surface. A 12 X 12-inch piece of timber is adequate for the seats. Narrow lumber pieces are also required for the legs and supports. The best kind of timber is oak or pine. They could be purchased from any local lumber shop. When shopping for timber, make sure to bring along the measurements. Most sources and shops will cut down the wood to the exact measurements.

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Aside from lumber, other materials that could be used are wrought iron and other kinds of metal. A swivel bar chair is a wonderful feature for restaurants or bars. Metal pieces are by far the most popular style. Other wooden materials which could be used include aspen and maple and in general are more expensive. The seats could be protected by coating a finish. One could choose between stains and paint. Stains however protect it while offering a more rustic appearance compared to paint. For more details, check out Tres Amigos World


What are Wooden Bar Stools and their Popularity in Homes and Business Establishments?

Some of the popular industrial design furniture choices include rustic chairs stools. For any home or establishment setting, a great option is a natural cedar wooden bar stool, which add a perfect touch of rustic decor to the place. Cedar wood is a popular option, which is prized for its qualities that make it ideally suitable for bar seats.

Rustic Chairs Stools are in demand at present because of their beauty and unique style. There is a wide range of wooden bar seats designs made from solid walnut, acacia and oak. Coming a long way from the traditional four-legged old designs, these very in demand items have evolved to an ever expanding collection. They exude a true organic charm and make use of natural elements for a warm, homely and pastoral feel. Choices range from handcrafted bentwood to padded contemporary masterpieces.

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Depending on one’s taste, there are various selections to choose from and made. Some of the popular ones include dark walnut and light oak, black satin and sleek cognac finishes. Renowned for dynamic aesthetic, these chairs are sure to catch anyone’s eyes. Charmingly rustic, wooden bar chairs could take years of service. There are however cheap versions available, thus for those who want the genuine ones, they should take time to be educated on this so as not to spend money on something that will fall apart in just a year. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, various finishes, colors and kind of lumber to choose from. One could also have these pieces customized to meet the exact requirements of the space. Wooden bar stools are available here